LÍNEA D KO (Decolorazing)

How to use: in a bowl mix the decolorizing powder with the oxidant 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol. With a mixing ratio of 1: 2 to obtain a homogeneous cream. The mixing ratio can vary from a minimum of 1: 1 to a maximum of 1: 2 depending on the desired result.Apply on dry and unwashed hair.Decoloring: Apply the product on tips, media and root (avoiding contact with the scalp) always starting from the occipital area (nape), continuing through the apex to reach the front of the head.

Clearing tone until     2       2/3          4/5         6/7
Oxidant 10 vol.     20 vol. 30 vol. 40 vol

Degree of rinsing: it is possible to obtain different degrees of coloring depending on the volumes of oxidant used and the exposure time: Exposure time: from 10 to 50 minutes maximum, depending on the type of hair and the desired result. Do not exceed two consecutive applications. When arranging the treatment, clarify properly and continue with the shampoo and neutralization with specific technical products.Formato: 500 gr